Brain Enhancement Research and Christian Reality Checks


Currently in an online think Tank discussion board an Atheist and Christian mentioned some of the today’s discoveries inside the life sciences referring to cognitive human mind enhancement. There are many interesting or even fascinating innovations within the bio sciences and inside the fields of NanoTech, BioTech, artificial intelligence and laptop sciences.

One suppose tank member indicated that he would really like to be smarter through the use of those technologies and stated so. The Christian pupil and devout non secular Follower said:

“You do not get “smarter” by using enhancing your brain, you get wiser by modifying your concepts and values, your global views and self-knowledge, by way of fearing God and asking Him for more awareness, expertise and knowledge.”

This brought on similarly notion on this be counted at the think tank and the atheist countered with those feedback:

“nicely you ought to define smarter then to appropriately make your factor. A more efficient mind that works quicker is smarter. That is how I define smarter. One who can get to the answer or resolve a trouble quicker and greater efficiently the usage of the same know-how as some other would be smarter as I recognize my use of the phrase.

For this reason if you modify the brain to paintings extra efficiently with quicker don’t forget more in formation closer at hand and work it at better efficiencies, with better intake and frequency manipulation you then sincerely may want to end up smarter. I do no longer see how you can argue with that.

What would god or gods, or he, she, it or they ought to do with any of this? Certainly we could hypothetically say that there was a god? Constant Concentration ┬áIn this situation, he has finished a piss terrible task designing your “virtual reality life experience recreation” and he need to be held responsible? Do not you watched?”

Exciting indeed the dichotomy of mind on this problem, which I located. What are your mind in this problem? Do you have thoughts alongside this line of thinking, both way? Possibly something that became now not discussed here? What do you observed God had in thoughts close to intelligence? Do you trust guy can discover approaches to artificially boom cognition? Love to listen your mind in this be counted. Think in this in 2006.

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