Debunking Condom Myths

Condom Do’s and Don’ts

Do open the condom cautiously utilizing the simple tear edges (the crisscross side).

Try not to utilize scissors or teeth to tear open the bundle, as this could tear the condom.

Do store condoms in a temperature-controlled, dry spot.

Try not to leave condoms in the glove box or restroom where outrageous temperature and mugginess can harm the latex.

Try not to bear condoms in a wallet as the weight and collapsing on the condom can harm it.

Do check the lapse date before use and dispose of any that are terminated.

Absolutely never reuse condoms – regardless of whether they seem like no natural liquid is in them. When the sexual movement is finished, dispose of the utilized condom in the refuse can.

Do change condoms if exchanging between 安全套 various kinds of sexual movement (for example from vaginal to butt-centric sex) to forestall disease and the spread of E. coli.

Do utilize condoms amid oral sex, as specific contaminations can be passed from the penis to the mouth and the other way around.

Try not to utilize condoms that don’t fit legitimately. Condoms that are excessively free or too tight can remove or slip inside an accomplice. In the event that the size is off base, buy an alternate brand and size.

Try not to endeavor to put a condom on a flabby penis, as it is probably going to tumble off or fit inappropriately.

Do guarantee there are no loose or free spots on the condom, smooth out any air rises to guarantee an appropriate fit.

Try not to apply an oil-or oil based grease to a latex condom, as it can bargain the material.

Do choose a water or silicon-based grease, which is sheltered to use with latex condoms.

Do evacuate condom following sex and dispose of.

Try not to enable the penis to end up flabby before withdrawal from one’s accomplice, as the condom may unintentionally tumble off inside.

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